The best for Individuals or In Company Groups who need to learn Spanish quickly or under a deadline. This intensive course allows students to learn and progress at your own place in London working closely with a private teacher during long lessons when you need it most. A Crash Course is highly recommended if you need lessons to pass an interview with a Spanish partner or employer or before moving to Spain or a Latin American country when time to attend a conventional course is an obstacle.

Crash Course in Spanish offers to students an intensive training programme designed for individual requirements. Dates ( starting and finishing ) are flexible and absolutely tailored to your needs.

These courses are ideal for professional people with pressurised lifestyles and little time for study, who need to learn intensively in a short period of time or under a deadline (i.e. because you are moving to work or traveling to Spain or a Spanish American country). Are also suitable for beginners who intend to learn the Spanish language quickly and efficiently.

You can learn quickly because you spend more time talking and interacting with native speakers than on traditional language courses. Suitable for:

- Adults who have to use Spanish professionally and want to refresh and deepen their knowledge of the language.
- Young people who want and need a private and intensive spanish course in a familiar atmosphere.
- Everybody who, in a short period, wants to learn, speak and hear a lot of Spanish language.