Lessons prepare you to obtain the Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma (D.E.L.E) of the Cervantes Institute. It tests linguistic competence on three levels: Inicial, Basico and Superior. Issued by the Ministry of Education of Spain, offers an official accreditation on the degree of mastery of the Spanish language for citizens older than 16, of countries where Spanish is not the official language. Our tuition is delivered either at your own home or office. For students willing to take the "Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera" (D. E. L. E) of the Cervantes Institute.
The Diploma Inicial verifies your ability to read, write, speak, and understand Spanish at predetermined levels, as well as an extensive review, of vocabulary and grammar.
The aim of the diplomas (basico and superior) is to demonstrate the student's linguistic competence and ability to communicate fluently in normal situations.

It is recognized by official institutions of Spanish-speaking countries and, increasingly, by corporations, chambers of commerce, and educational institutions. Several universities award course credit for the diplomas or require them of Spanish majors. The diplomas also carry the Apostille of The Hague, a seal stating the authenticity of internationally recognized documents.
Our preparation takes into account the exam guide lines of the Cervantes Institute. The exams can either be taken in Spain or in a number of locations worldwide. In the United Kindom exams are being taken twice, in May and November, in the folllowing locations: Belfast, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and London. We prepare students for the exams by reviewing grammar, resolving specific grammar and vocabulary problems, studying idiomatic expressions, discussing and analyzing texts and drawings, taking past exams and building listening, reading, and written comprehension. Offered at three levels, Diploma Inicial, Básico and Superior.